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Flue Gas Applications

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Exhaust Air Applications

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If you’re going to invest in an Industrial Heat Exchanger, you want to be sure it will give outstanding performance and reliability for years to come. AIR FRÖHLICH designs, manufactures and installs high-end, heavy duty, exceptionally robust, heat exchanger systems for a wide variety of industrial applications.

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what our employees tell

We have a wide range of special heat exchangers and air heaters in different material qualities. This makes the work very interesting and varied. I also appreciate the pleasant working atmosphere and the independent work in our Company.

Josef Gruber, constructor, since 2003 in the team

The demanding and varied work processes motivate me every day to contribute to a great product. I enjoy working in our team with many years of experience. That convinces me to this day.

Carlos Lozano, welder, since 2003 in the team

In production, we can build in a very good cooperation and always help each other.

Gerhard Baumgartner, mechanic, since 2016 in the team

I enjoy my job very much. The relationship between the employees and the management is very fair and has a personal basis. It’s great to work in a company that makes products that you can stand behind.

F. C. , accounting, since 1995 in the team

I appreciate the varied work in a small flexible team of specialists in a friendly atmosphere.

Norbert Henn, PFA-welder, since 2007 in the team

My work is interesting and varied. I also appreciate the good teamwork and the independence.

M. M., HR, since 2006 in the team

Competent colleagues with expertise meet me with decency and respect. I quickly integrated myself into a long-standing and well-functioning team.

Saša Savić, PFA-welder, since 2018 in the team

I find it very pleasant that I can work in such a great team and still be able to organize myself.

Selver Dagkesen, production, since 1993 in the team
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