Cleaning devices

Depending on requirements we also supply cleaning devices customized for the heat exchangers for an effective wash and brush up, either during an standstill period or during operation of the heat exchanger. Our experience has shown that the best cleaning results are obtained with water. Different systems have also been developed for the different applications.

Designed for optimum cleaning of PTFE tube heat exchangers, the system also obtains excellent results for COAX heat exchangers, if sufficient washing water is available. To increase the cleaning efficiency, internal cleaning is also possible. This comprises several cleaning hoses that branch directly out of the main tube and that are led to the interior of the tube bundle.

If the interior of the tubes of PTFE tube heat exchangers requires cleaning, mobile cleaning is recommended. In this case each tube is cleaned individually with washing water by means of a horizontal, moving washing arm.

Rotating tube cleaning is a very efficient method for cleaning the casing side (around the tubes). Each row of tubes is selectively and separately cleaned, which means tremendous water savings.

Linings with PFA (perfluoroalkoxy polymers)

No matter if ducts, deflector hoods or tanks – our long-life PFA liners have proven their worth in gas-carrying plants where the temperature is falling below the acid dew point and even high-alloy steels can corrode.

The completely acid-resistant material can also be used at temperatures up to 260 ° C.