Air/air and air/water heat exchangers

Whether energy recovery in paper mills, in drying plants or in the chemical or food industry, with the heat exchangers from AIR FRÖHLICH you will always find a suitable solution. Wherever efficiency is required with minimum maintenance and durability, we are your competent partner.

Energy savings through heat utilization of hot exhaust air

The energy content of a hot air stream can be used at various points of the exhaust air duct – ideally with the inclusion of possible condensation – to save energy or increase the efficiency of the plant. On the exhaust side, the heat exchanger has to meet the requirements with regard to temperature, corrosion resistance and cleanability. By choosing the right materials such as glass or stainless steel, or even combined with a plastic coating on request, the right device can be developed for almost every type of system.

Ideal for

  • Paper industry

  • Food drying industry

  • Chemistry

  • Ventilation and air conditioning technology

  • Biomass furnaces

  • Natural gas fired furnaces