Heat exchangers for malting plants

AIR-Fröhlich glass tube heat exchangers have been standard components in malt kilns for decades. With thermal efficiencies of 80%, up to one third of the energy required for malt drying can be saved. The V-form glass tube heat exchanger configuration, developed by AIR FRÖHLICH, provides solutions whit structural elegance even for applications in large-scale plants, exceeding 100 tons of daily malt production. As all units are designed individually for each application, kiln air massflows of 100’000 kg/h up to more than 1 million kg/h can be managed easily and without a problem. The new generation of malt kiln heat exchangers, with tubes in horizontal position, provides a level of safety and efficiency on a scale yet to be surpassed.

The ANOX-High Performance Air Heater for malt kilns & drying systems

The custom made indirect kiln air heating unit is an AIR FRÖHLICH development for increased energy savings.

The ANOX-high performance air heater prevents the formation of any NOx (nitrogen oxides) in the kilning air and ensures the absolute purity of the malt, required by health standards, whit the same degree of energy efficiency that was obtained during conventional direct firing of kilning air used earlier. Depending on the design, even an efficiency of over 100% can be achieved!


Heat exchanger

Heat exchangers for drying systems

Since 1977, specially designed AIR FRÖHLICH glass tube heat exchangers have been in service in drying processes whit dustcontaminated, humid and often aggressive exhaust air. Due to the efficiency optimized design of the countercross-flow heat exchanger, the investment of a great number of installations is paid back and the units continue year for year to help for further cost savings.

This kind of installations can of course also be equipped with the actually very popular heat exchanger design with stainless steel tubes.