Flue Gas Heat Exchangers

With the AIR FRÖHLICH heat exchangers you will always find the right solution, for energy recovery in oil-, gas- and coal fired power plants, industrial combustion systems as well as in waste incineration and toxic waste incineration systems. We are the competent partner for plants in which temperatures drop below the acid dew points and a corresponding material resistance is required.

Energy savings by utilisation of the flue gas heat

The energy content of the flue gas can be used at various points in the flue gas line for energy saving purposes or to increase plant efficiency. For this purpose, the heat exchanger must satisfy the necessary requirements regarding temperature, corrosion resistance and cleanability on the flue gas side.

Ideal for

  • Oil- and coal-fired power stations and combined heating and power stations

  • Industrial furnaces

  • Waste- and toxic waste incineration plants

  • Sludge incinerating/drying plants

  • Biomass furnaces

  • Chemical plants

  • Refineries